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Our fabulous Food Production team is led by the master and Food Production Manager, John Kemble.  He is often assisted by Matt and our Retail Manager, Elizabeth Read, especially when preserving lemons - one of our most popular products.

You will find Liz every Sunday at the Hawkes Bay Farmers Market where she is in her element.  A lover of all fine foods in life, Liz knows what makes a good product and how to make the most of it!  Her favourite St Andrews Limes product is Chilli Undressed and she slathers it on her bacon and egg butties yum!  If you're down at the Farmers Market, talk to Liz about what to pair them with to make the most of our St Andrews Limes products.  If you miss her at the Farmers market on Sunday, stop in to our retail store from Monday to Thursday between 8.30 and 4.00 p.m. where she will be serving and packing our orders in the retail store on site.  Liz is a valuable addition to our team!


Our Food Production Manager

John is naturally at home in the kitchen, as he is with all things food and wine related.  John is in charge of the quality of St Andrews Limes' products.  He is a devoted epicurean who has been involved with winemaking most of his life - flavour means everything to him. When not in the kitchen John can be found looking for a river to fish in, trying to find a trail for his bike or with his head down on the yoga mat in his favourite pose.

 Lime and Mustard Seed Dressing is his favourite St Andrews Limes product as it is versatile enough to be used to conveniently dress any green salad. 


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